If you’re a business owner, you’ve come to the right place. We pride ourselves in being able to offer the best on the market with top rated carriers. Our city of Miami is bustling with every type of eclectic business you can think of. We have insured them all: Restaurants, Marine Services, Salons, Day Cares, Fitness Studios, Engineering and Architectural firms, Hobby Shops… You name it. Our team is superior when it comes to writing insurance policies for Miami businesses of all kinds. Your livelihood has to be protected under the right policy, trust in us to guide you through the process of acquiring Florida business insurance.


Our team specializes in companies whose workers comp policies are difficult to secure because of the nature of the business and level of risk the company falls under. We are experts in this realm, and are dedicated to providing you with the simplest path to the best coverage and price. Companies such as machinery operators (bobcats and other large rigs), factories/assembly lines and construction are a few of the many specialty business we write policies for. Let our expert staff find you the coverage you need to get your business rolling.


You have your business insured, but what about the property it’s located at? Florida commercial property insurance is necessary whether or not you own the building, lease a workspace or work from home. Should disaster strike, your business’ assets are secure. Protect yourself against such things as a fire or a burst water pipe and be confident in knowing that your building, furniture, equipment, important documents and inventory will be covered. Our team wants to iron out these details with you and offer the best possible package tailored to your business property.


Saving money sometimes comes in the form of checking on and revamping old policies. You may not realize that your home can be insured with the same coverage – or better – at a much lower rate. Homeowner’s policies are ever-changing and most people who pay through Escrow aren’t realizing just how much money they are actually losing every year at renewal. Our team will gladly review your current homeowner’s policy to see if you can save money you didn’t know was available to you before. Don’t let another renewal come and go before letting us review your policy for possible savings.


If you’re a renter, you will need coverage too. Don’t assume that your landlord has you covered as far as your possessions and possible lawsuits are concerned. With the right policy, you will also be secured should you suffer losses from theft, natural disasters and fires.


In the city of Miami many condos are by the water and more susceptible when natural disasters strike. Roof leaks, storms and/or fires are just a few of the perils you have to take into account when owning a condo. Most likely, the master policy purchased by your condo association doesn’t include protection for your personal items or the interior walls of your unit. Protection is usually very affordable, and it is not worth waiting for the next disaster to come around to put your valuables and assets at risk. We want you to enjoy your waterfront condo knowing that you are protected under the right policy.


Have you checked what flood zone you’re in? FEMA offers an online flood zone map in order for you to answer that question, click here https://msc.fema.gov/portal. If you’re in an area that requires coverage, ask us how you can purchase this type of policy. Renewing your homeowner’s insurance policy or purchasing a new home?  Know that your mortgage company will require that you add this coverage to your package if you’re in an area that is more susceptible to flooding.


All automobile policies are not created equal and finding the right plan for you is important. In Florida, all motorists must have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage (PD) at minimum. At Pronto we take pride in making the search for auto insurance an easy process for all our clients. We will find you coverage for all the vehicles you own, whether it’s an everyday car, classic, bus or motorcycle. Allow us to match you with the best possible coverage, at the best possible rate.


We are Floridians and that means our boats are just as important as our cars. If you find yourself in the market for Florida boat insurance, let us find you the right policy without burning a hole through your pocket. Did you know that most homeowner’s policies include coverage for small vessels with less than 25-horsepower motors? This could be you! If your boat is larger, you’ll have to purchase separate coverage. Either way, you’ll need to find out where you stand; let us figure it out for you.